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Wilson Creek Trails and Creeks [infographic]

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When you have an area that is as vast as the 49,000 acres of Wilson Creek, it stands to reason that you would have ample opportunities for hiking trails, waterfall and creek viewing, camping, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreation. When you visit Lenoir & the NC foothills, you really should not overlook all that Wilson Creek has to offer. Here are some of the featured trails and creeks that locals and visitors love to enjoy.

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  • Big Lost Cove Cliffs Trail- This trail in the Wilson Creek area is 1.2 miles one-way with a moderate amount of elevation change and some obstacles. A portion of the hike is on an old logging road.
  • North Harper Creek Falls Trail- The majority of this trail is an easy hike, but there are some areas at the end of the 1.3-mile trail that are rougher with a steep climb. Your efforts will be rewarded with a view of Chestnut Cove Branch Falls.
  • Harper Creek Trail- There are conflicting descriptions of this trail with some calling it easy and others calling it moderate. The reason is that you can do a smaller section of the 6.0-mile trail in relative ease, but if you do the entire trail, you’ll face some very rough and hilly areas, as well as creek crossings.
  • Hunt-Fish Falls- This is a shorter hike that is part of other trails, including Lost Cover and Timber Ridge. It goes to Hunt-Fish Falls. You can turn back at that point or continue on with one of the longer, tougher backcountry hikes.
  • Wilson Ridge Trail- If you are looking for a great trail for mountain biking, this is it. It is 14.7 miles one-way along a series of unmaintained old logging roads, along with some dirt and gravel roads. This trail is moderately rough and climbs moderately.
  • Upper Creek Falls Trail- If you are interested in waterfalls, this is a good trail to take. However, where you cross above the top of the falls can be impassable during high water situations. You’ll see the falls from a number of different angles as you traverse this trail.
  • Dark Side Cliffs- This is a popular trail to get warmed up before tackling a tougher one. It is also wonderful for seeing wildlife and for bringing your dog along. It is an out and back 1-mile trail.