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Here’s an Arts Venue You Won’t Want to Miss!

HomeBlogHere’s an Arts Venue You Won’t Want to Miss!

It isn’t surprising that people who love art decide to visit Lenoir & the NC foothills at some point in their lives. This area’s dedication to the arts speaks in loud terms with so many people moving heaven and earth to add more avenues to the mix. One that you won’t want to miss is The Mitford Museum, located in Hudson, North Carolina. This flourishing arts center used to be a grade school and happens to have been the source of many fond memories for Jan Karon, a #1 New York Times bestselling author. Her 14-book Mitford series was a favorite of Ann Smith, the town commissioner, so she had high hopes that Jan would consider getting involved in creating The Mitford Museum.

Here’s an Arts Venue You Won’t Want to Miss!

Thankfully, Jan said yes! What began as the hope of one single room exhibit has grown drastically. When you visit, you’ll find two galleries of exhibitions, art studios, a music school, an art gallery, brewery, and retail shops. It appears that Jan had something happen that many of our area’s residents can understand – you can’t visit this area without wanting to stay here!

The Mitford Museum shows just how interesting the arts can be and that books are very much art. Jan shared that she loved the first grade because of her teacher, Nan Downs, who taught with love and inspiration. Who knows? Perhaps this museum can do that for your child and turn them into a famous author too! Sparking the imagination can have long-lasting benefits at any age, so don’t miss visiting The Mitford Museum when you are in the area.