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Fishing Spots in Caldwell County, NC [infographic]

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It might surprise you to learn that fishing has become one of the most popular of all outdoor recreational activities throughout the country. An upsurge has resulted in more than 50 million people doing some form of fishing. In fact, roughly 37% of Americans are now going fishing several times a year. North Carolina is a popular destination for anglers, with more than 1.3 million paid fishing license holders in 2020. Whether you are a local looking for great fishing spots or you plan to visit Lenoir & the NC foothills in the coming months, you’ll find the following locations perfect for connecting with nature and doing a bit of fly fishing.

Fishing Spots in Caldwell County, NC [infographic]

  • The Upper Wilson Creek area- This area is filled with plenty of great trout fishing spots, including short pools, riffles, runs, and plunges. The icing on the cake for some is that it takes a bit of a hike to get to these areas, so be sure to have a good map and GPS equipment so you take the right trail to get to your desired fishing spot.
  • Wilson Creek Gorge area- The lower section of Wilson Creek is roughly 2 miles in length. The state keeps its deep pools heavily stocked to be an angler’s paradise. It is well worth the steep trail you’ll need to take to get down to the stream from the highway. You’ll find mostly rainbow trout, but also the occasional brown or brook trout, in this catch-and-release area.
  • Andrews Creek- This is a popular place for catch-and-release brown trout fishing with a single hook, artificial lure setup. The terrain is relatively flat, and views include wildlife fields and open meadows.
  • Lost Cove Creek- If you are looking for a pristine area for catch-and-release fly fishing, this is it. As part of the Lost Cover Wilderness Study Area, it is a beauty to behold. Be sure to take your chest-waders, as many of the pools are deep. This creek is home to rainbow trout mostly, but you could snag the occasional brown trout as well.
  • North and South Harper Creeks- The rough terrain of these creeks makes for some really scenic fishing. There are many deep pools with rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout. If you are looking for an area you can keep some fish for dinner, this is it, as you can harvest up to four 7-inch trout per day.