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Even a Rainy Day Can Be a Fun Day!

HomeBlogEven a Rainy Day Can Be a Fun Day!

Even a Rainy Day Can Be a Fun Day!It can initially feel disheartening to awaken on one of your vacation days to the sound of rain. If you had a day of outdoor activities planned, you have a choice to make. You can stay in your hotel room, cabin, or other type of lodging, or you can embrace that there are still plenty of things to do despite it being a rainy day. When you visit Lenoir & the NC foothills, you won’t skip a beat should rain arrive because there are plenty of fun things you and your family can do.

  • Arts and music- With area galleries, music performances, and the performing arts center, you have options that are perfect for your artistic and musical nature.
  • Shopping- The area is full of local stores where you can find pottery, furniture, art, homebrew supplies, antiques, collectibles, and much more. Browsing the area stores will help you completely forget about the rain.
  • Breweries, wineries, and meadery- Regardless of your adult drink preferences, you can tour and experience what goes into making your favorite beverage or go ahead and learn about the other ones too!
  • Coffee shops- Find yourself a window seat at a coffee shop and enjoy a refreshing brew while you watch the outdoors be cleansed by the rain.
  • Restaurants- Enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner without worrying about rushing to go hiking or taking part in another outdoor recreational pursuit.
  • Family activities- Even though your children would probably find it great fun to splash about in puddles and race around in the rain, you’ll be able to find plenty of activities they’ll enjoy without them getting soaking wet. Options include the Tri-County Motor Speedway and Bo’s Bodacious 55,000-square-foot entertainment facility with arcade games, batting cages, bowling lanes, laser tag, and more.

You can also take a few minutes out of your rainy day to plan what tomorrow’s activities will be, provided the sun comes back out. Of course, you might just be thinking another rainy day would be just fine – and you would be right! There are simply so many things to do when you visit Lenoir & the NC foothills that the weather won’t slow you down in the least!