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Tips for a Snowboarding Weekend with Friends

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If you and your friends are looking for a weekend of fun in the winter, snowboarding could be the ideal option, especially if you choose a great destination with other things to do as well. While you could perhaps find places to go where you live, using the opportunity to try someplace new is a great idea. Many people who visit Lenoir & the NC foothills during the summer for all the outdoor recreational opportunities fail to think about this area for its wonderful winter activities. Here are some tips for visiting the area for a snowboarding weekend with friends:

Tips for a Snowboarding Weekend with Friends

  • Plan ahead– It is best to make your lift pass purchases, travel arrangements, and hotel reservations ahead of time so you are all set to go when you arrive in the area.
  • Rent equipment– It can be a bit challenging to travel with a snowboard and your other gear. If it would be problematic to bring everything, check ahead to see what items can be rented at your destination.
  • Consider skill levels– Unless your friends all have similar skillsets when it comes to snowboarding, be sure to choose an area that has a mixture of terrains so everyone can have fun.
  • Research the area– It is unlikely you’ll spend every minute snowboarding, so even if it is just a weekend, take some time to learn what else is going on in the area that your friends might enjoy, such as touring a winery or taking a stroll in downtown Lenoir to look at the sculptures.

You are unlikely to find another area with the snowboarding and other outdoor recreation options that you’ll enjoy in the Lenoir, North Carolina area. It is a sure bet that you and your friends will have a great weekend and might just wish you had planned for a longer stay – but there’s always next time!