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The Difference Between Snow Tubing and Other Options

HomeBlogThe Difference Between Snow Tubing and Other Options

Racing along the surface of a snow-covered hill isn’t a new activity. Kids have been doing it for a very long time using whatever they could get their hands on, including a runner sled, saucer, or toboggan. It didn’t even seem to detract much from the fun that these options were often heavy and had to be lugged back up the hill to do it again. These days, there are newer options that are far easier to use and all guarantee a fun day on the slopes, but the newest to the arena is particularly fun: snow tubing! Although it has been around for quite some time, it is gaining in popularity.

The Difference Between Snow Tubing and Other Options

Snow tubing has the advantage of keeping the body higher off the snow so that you aren’t quite as cold as you’d be with just a thin layer of plastic, wood, or metal between you and the frozen ground. Snow tubes are also quite comfortable to sit in and come in an array of styles. Another thing to consider is that many resorts have slopes dedicated for snow tubing so you don’t have to seek out a hill in your neighborhood and hope it is free of hazards.

If you plan to visit Lenoir & the NC foothills, or if you are fortunate enough to live here, you’ll find many places that you can go snow tubing. In fact, many area ski resorts have snowmaking machines to ensure you always have ideal conditions. Since snow tubing is a fun outdoor activity for nearly all ages, it is a great idea for a weekend trip with friends or as a family winter vacation. Snow tubing is just one more reason you’ll fall in love with Caldwell County!