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Accommodation SpotlightWhen you visit Lenoir & the NC foothills, you’ll have many hotels to choose from. One that warrants a look if you like unique accommodations and plenty of adventure is the Brown Mountain Beach Resort in the charming Wilson Creek area. The owners of this family-owned establishment first discovered the area more than 25 years ago and were mesmerized by the peace and rejuvenating effect this area has to offer.

Brown Mountain Beach Resort is an ideal wedding venue as the scenery is amazing and the adventure creates a memorable experience. Traditional hotels are far different that the cottages and yurts that are found here, plus you have the 49,000 acres of wilderness that surround this resort as the setting for your fun.

There are various cottages to choose from, including Firefly Cottage, 12 Gates Cottage, Lost Cove Cottage, Hiding Place Cottage, Rocky Comfort Cottage, Cottage on the Hill, and the Bridal Cottage. Each has its unique charms with most overlooking the river or river front. If you’ve never stayed in a yurt, you might want to check one out. They offer two sizes: a 24’ small yurt and 30’ large yurt. All six yurts include a riverfront hot tub, gas grill, and flat top grill. Yurts are round, open-space structures that are truly unique and quite a bit different than rooms in hotels.

If your idea of the perfect hotels for your stay in the area is getting away from it all, you’ll love that there is no cell phone signal at Brown Mountain Beach Resort. You can unplug and get the relaxation you need. If you do have a pressing need to contact someone, there is WiFi at the main deck area. Here’s another treat – leashed pets are welcome!